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Why get your guitar setup by a professional?

Having a guitar professionally set up can greatly improve its playability, tone and overall performance.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Playability: A professional setup can make a guitar easier to play, with lower action (string height), better intonation (tuning accuracy), and proper neck relief (the amount of curvature in the neck).

  2. Tone: A setup can also improve a guitar's tone by ensuring that the strings are properly seated in the nut and bridge, reducing buzz and improving sustain.

  3. Longevity: A well-set-up guitar can also last longer and require less maintenance in the long run, as it is less likely to experience wear and tear from improper string tension or other issues.

  4. Personalization: A professional setup can also be tailored to the player's preferences and style, with adjustments made to suit their individual needs and playing style.

In short, a professional guitar setup can greatly enhance the overall experience of playing and owning a guitar, making it more enjoyable and rewarding for the player!

Our Guitar Setup Services

The biggest difference between having us do your setup versus a big box store

is that we provide a personal setup that is customized for you!

Everyone plays differently. Some have a very light touch, while others are fairly

heavy handed. The same guitar needs to be set up differently for each person.

So we have you play for us when you drop it off, and again when you pick it up.

We want to make sure that it's right for you, and that you're happy with it!

We can also make any last minute tweaks before you leave, if you want us to!

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Initial Inspection

-First, we have you sit and play a bit to see how heavy or light

your touch is.​

-Then we see if there's anything in particular you would like addressed.

-Last, we do a visual inspection of the guitar to look for any

problems or issues that would require work beyond what we are planning. If so, we will

recommend that the guitar is brought to a luthier before

we do any work.


12 Point Guitar Setup

  1. Check/adjust neck relief (truss rod)

  2. Check/adjust bridge and saddles

  3. Check/adjust string radius and action

  4. Check/adjust pickup heights

  5. Check adjust tremolo system (if equipped)

  6. Check/adjust tuning machines

  7. Check/adjust nut slots

  8. Dress/polish frets

  9. Clean/condition fretboard

  10. Install new strings

  11. Set proper intonation

  12. Detail guitar


Setup Costs

  • Acoustic Guitar - $50*

  • Electric Guitar - $75* (standard type bridge, Strat, Les Paul, etc)

  • Electric Guitar - $100* (Floyd Rose type tremolo)

  • Bass Guitar - $50* (4 and 5 string)

*Strings are not included at these prices. We've found that most players have their preference and are encouraged to provide a new set.

If we supply the strings, they will be D'Addarios and at the customer's preferred gauge.

The cost of strings is:

$7 for electric (6 string)

$9 for acoustic (6 string)

$22 for 4 string bass

$27 for 5 string bass


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